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Current Features and Future Developments are discussed in this excellent video. Watch as it is shown in detail how REMS data is accurately obtained to provide both Bone Density and Fragility assessments. And then the WOW factor with what the future holds for REMS....

Osteoporosis assessment and beyond


Bone Densitometry at the Point of Care

EchoS is the first radiation free solution for the early diagnosis of Osteoporosis at the axial sites. A breakthrough echo graphic device for bone characterisation and micro-architecture assessment through an innovative approach that enables the scanning of the reference sites; Lumbar Vertebrae and Proximal Femur.


Radiofrequency Echographic Multi Spectrometry

Proprietary R.E.M.S. method characterises bone micro-architecture by matching radio frequency signals acquired during scan to reference data.

Fast software assisted scans (60s for Spine; 40s for Femur) provide simultaneous acquisition of image and radiofrequency signals.

Full medical report containing : BMD, T-Score, Z-Score, FRAX 10 year fracture risk Index.



Echostation portability to bedside coupled with optional Body Composition Index, MSK and ObGyn interchangeable ultrasound probes provide versatility and confidence in your investment.